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Tingsha Cymbals

          Tingshaws ( Ding-Sha) are pairs of hanging bell cymbals, connected by a little strap. Tingshaws are used in Buddhist ceremonies to summon the hungry sprits to collect offerings. These little cymbals are also used in terminal care, to communicate with the spirit of a dying person, and to exorcise wicked spirits from a house where someone recently died.
           Like singing bowls, these small cymbals, which are usually attached to either end of a cord or leather thong, are ritual artifacts. They are used by Buddhist monks but are also used in the Shamanist tradition. It is no longer clear who first used them but it is known that in general they are made of seven metals, just like singing bowls. In tingshaws the iron is replaced by meteorite, the celestial metal which is taken from fragments of meteors and gives the instruments their pearly shine. The final alloy is cast and turned to obtain a pure form and sound. The sound of tingshaws is like a summons. It brings man to the here and now. In meditation tingshaws are used to indicate the beginning and the ending.

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