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Thangka Paintings

  A thangka is a Tibetan traditional style of art which represents all the buddhism either it is Tibetan or Nepali or else.It is combines painting with silk embroidery. A thangka usually features a Buddhist god or a famous historical scene.Thangka painting is called Thangka in Tibetan language while it is called Paubha in Newari buddhism culture in Nepal.

- A thangka is a three-dimensional work. The picture is painted on a panel and then a silk cover is added. Sometimes it is even more embellished with leather covers on the corners and three-dimensional wooden dowels according to Buddha Net.

-Thangkas are traditionally displayed at Buddhist monasteries, used in processions or hung in reverence at family alters.

-The style of thangka art originated in Nepal and then imported to Tibet when a Nepali princess married a Tibetan noble according to Pink Lotus Thangka.

-Thangka art usually depicts a Buddha teaching a lesson or an important scene from a Lama's life. Thangkas are used as centerpieces for mediation.

Products Under Thangka Paintings

Shakyamuni Buddha Thangka


US $112.00

Wheel of Life Thangka


US $105.00

Avalokiteswora Thangka


US $165.00

Amitabha Buddha Thangka


US $71.00

Newari Kalachakra Thangka


US $107.00

Buddha Mandala Thangka


US $125.00

Shakyamuni Buddha Thangka


US $245.00

Mandala Thangka


US $340.00

Kalachakra Thangka


US $155.00

365 Dhyani Buddhas


US $279.00

Antique Style Mandala Thangka


US $165.00

Wheel of Life Thangka


US $150.00

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