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Handmade Old style Singing Bowl

          Nepalartcraft.com deal with various types of high quality handmade Tibetan Singing Bowls. The Singing bowls made of 7 different metals are best for the sound therapy, healing, sound meditation, mind concentration, body message and many other natural treatment. The various of sizes of singing bowls start from very small size like 12 cm and we have big collection with 55 cm size range which means a singing bowl from 300 grams to 12000 grams.

         Individula singing bowls we have on collection have own speciality with best combination between sound, shape and size. The complete. Old looking various colors singing bowls, natrual plain singing bowl, carving singing bowls are among the best products.


Products Under Handmade Old style Singing Bowl

Antique Looks Tibetan Singing Bowl

NAHSB 1501

US $39.00

Tibetan Singing Bowl

NAHSB 1502

US $51.00

Antique carving singing Bowl

NAHSB 1504

US $85.00

Buddha Eye Singing Bowl

NAHSB 1505

US $78.00

Old Style Hand beaten Singing Bowl

NAHSB 1506

US $68.00

Special Carving Hammered bowl

NAHSB 1507

US $52.00

Vajra Carving Singing Bowl

NAHSB 1508

US $48.00

Small Size Antique Look Singing Bowl

NAHSB 1021

US $21.00

Tibetan Small Singing Bowl

NAHSB 1020

US $22.00

Antique Style Singing Bowl

NAHSB 1022

US $24.00

Antique Style Singing Bowl

NAHSB 1024

US $41.00

Small size carving singing bowl

NAHSB 1025

US $36.00

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