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Prayer Wheels

The prayer wheel combines a mantra "Om ManiPadme Hum" with a movement (mudra). The mantra is cast around the outside of the wheel and the mudra\'s meditative movement is attained by spinning the wheel clockwise with wrist movement. Inside the prayer wheel is a scroll with the mantra "Om Mani Padme Hum" repeated 108 times. According to myth, spinning the wheel by one revolution will evoke 108 blessing. One can easily attain 1000 blessing per minute by appropriat

Prayer Wheel is Tibetan Buddhist praying instrument which always bears the mystical word 'OM MANI PADME HUM' [Om the Jewel in the Lotus Hum] numbering six syllables in the mantra of Avalokitesvara. The syllables are carved outside the wheel  which is made of metal, wood or even leather as well as kept inside the wheel printed in the paper or on cloth in numerous numbers according to size of wheel. It is generally made of a cylindrical body of repoussé metal, penetrated along its axis by a wooden or metal handle. The cylinder can turn around the handle, with a slight rotation of the wrist, thanks to a cord or ballasted chain, which keeps it in movement. Inside this cylinder, written on paper or skin, are esoteric texts, usually invocations (dharani or mantra), the most common being that of Avalokitesvara.

These prayer wheels may be small and carried by pilgrims, or larger and fixed to the gates of monasteries or around stupas and chortens. Each turn of the cylinder generates as much merit as the reading of the sutra or the formula enclosed therein. All these objects are also called chhos-hkor in Tibetan, 'Wheel of the Law'. Some are very large and, enclosed in small structures, turn under the action of a 'mill' driven by water.

Now a day, prayer wheels are being popular in the western countries as auspicious present, a instrument of meditation/ concentration or as a authentic handicraft product.

Nepalartcraft.com deal with various designs of prayer wheels which are made by skillful Buddhist craftsman in Nepal. Our products are well finishing, genuine and natural.    


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Metal Table Prayer Wheel

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Tibetan Prayer Wheel


US $11.00

Antique style prayer wheel


US $14.00

Filgiri Prayer wheel


US $35.00

Turquoise setting Prayer Wheel


US $44.00

Special Stand Prayer Wheel


US $45.00

Standing Prayer Wheel


US $38.00

Turquoise Prayer Wheel


US $65.00

Asthamangala Prayer Wheel


US $43.00

Asthamangala Big Mane


US $19.00

Gift Mane


US $6.00

Gift Mane


US $6.00

Double Line Witting Gift Mane


US $6.00

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